Wednesday, June 30, 2010


From "Attitude is Everything" by Keith Harrell. The key with this list is that all of these focus on things that have yet to happen. In other words, the person with the bad attitude baggage if focusing only on possibilities and not living and working in the now. Do you find yourself guilty of any of these? Make sure you are concentrating on the job at hand -- be concerned only with the process and don't worry about any other possibilities. Here is Harrell's list of 3 types of bad attitude baggage:
"If-Only" Baggage
The first piece of bad attitude baggage many people carry around is marked If only. This is baggage that has to do with the past. It is often full of unfinished business, plans that went awry, or hurt feelings that have not healed. It’s heavy stuff. Most of the time it will not fit in the overhead compartment.

"What-Now" Baggage
This emotional baggage is packed under pressure of the present. It is heavy with stress and weighty expectations. It sometimes comes packed with good news as well as bad news, but the person carrying it chooses a negative response rather than a positive one. As a result, otherwise able-bodied men and women become paralyzed.

"What-If" Baggage
The third type of negative emotional baggage people commonly carry around is labeled What-if. It is usually packed with worries about the future, which result when people think about the potential problems ahead rather than the potential opportunities.