Wednesday, June 17, 2015


"The secret of success is to be ready
when your opportunity comes."
 -Benjamin Disraeli
Andre Iguodala did just that.  And because he was prepared for his moment, both he and his Golden State Warrior teams was rewards.

We are talking about a quality basketball player that didn't start a single game in the regular season.  Instead of pouting or complaining or making excuses he kept working on his game and contributing what his team needed from him.
The key to championships is to have complete buy in.  You need players who not only accept their role -- regardless of how they feel about -- but embrace that role.  To win championships, players must put aside personal goals in work towards the good of the team.  They must believe in the coaching staff and what they are asking of them.
All season long, Andrea Iguodala sacrificed. When Steve Kerr came to him and asked him to come off the bench, he obliged. When shots that used to be his went to Klay Thompson, he never blinked. When media members wondered if he had fallen off, he never once wavered.
Now he's your NBA Finals MVP.