Thursday, October 9, 2014


One of the mantra's utilized by Coach Don Meyer is "if you best player is your hardest worker then you have a chance to have a good team."  The concept is the important of the leader to create a culture of work ethic for his/her followers.  Another Coach Meyer's favorites: "You example isn't the main thing in leadership, it's the only thing."

Which brings us to a case in point --  Dak Prescott, the quarterback at Mississippi State who has the Bulldogs in the top 5 in the nation -- unfamiliar territory.

This from an article that ran in the Columbus Dispatch:

"We saw a guy with an unbelievable work ethic, a guy who works to get better every single day," said head coach Dan Mullen of Prescott, who has turned into one of the top players in the country as a redshirt junior. "We saw a guy with great potential for growth, a player we could get in here and really develop. This is a development program. And with his work ethic, we knew he was one of those players who would get better every single day, and those are the players you want."