Thursday, April 4, 2013


The following is an excerpt from a story on written by Ben Brumfield and Michael Martinez.  You can read the entire article here:

Kevin Ware's leg may be broken but not his spirit.
Not in the least bit.
And while his teammates were horrified at the gruesome injury, Ware said it was divine providence.
"This is all God. This is all God's plan. He would never let anything happen that He wouldn't want to happen," he said.
Teammate Luke Hancock came over to Ware as he lay on the floor and said a prayer for him.

Ware said to himself that "I'm either going to cry ... or I'm just going to try to say some words (to help the team)." He thought of his team and put the pain behind him.
In a two-hour surgery, Ware's broken tibia was straightened and a rod was inserted into it, according to a statement from Kenneth Klein, senior associate athletic director for media relations at the university.
For the team and victory
In spite of the pain and the road to recovery ahead, Ware is still thinking of his team, not himself.

"I'll be fine, but (we've) still got to win this championship," he said.
Mr. Inspiration is ready for the Final Four, where his team is two games away from a potential national championship.
He has already made his way to Atlanta to cheer the Cardinals on in person. During his interview with CNN, he and his mother donned T-shirts with the words "Win it for Kevin."