Tuesday, February 23, 2010


From Coach Jim Tressel's The Winner's Manual:

Class is respect for others. It is a deep and genuine respect for every human being, regardless of his status in life.

Class is having manners. It is always saying “thank you” and “please.” It is complimenting people for any and every task done well.

Class is treating every other person as you would want them to treat you in a similar situation.
Class never makes excuses for one’s own shortcomings, but it always helps others bounce back from their mistakes.

Class never brags or boasts about one’s own accomplishments. And it never tears down or diminishes the achievements of another person.

Class does not depend on money, status, success, or ancestry. The wealthy aristocrat may not even know the meaning of the word, yet the poorest man in town may radiate class in everything he does.

If you have class, everyone will know it, and you will have self-respect. If you are without class—good luck, because no matter what you accomplish, it will never have meaning.